Friday, March 30, 2012

Flashback Friday: On Having Boys

My mother-in-law and I were looking over (for the thousandth time) Boy's baby pictures and drinking tea and envisioning what our kids could look like, when I recalled a conversation my friend Robin, Aparna and I had about having boys.

Robin, a mother of two boys, was worried about having boys because she thought they would grow up and get married and run off with the wives' family and she would end up old and alone in her rocking chair during Thanksgiving.  Aparna and I immediately disagreed and confessed that we experience the opposite --we're extremely close to our husbands' mom.  Then we admitted it's probably because if there's any dispute, she will take our side over her sons'.  (Ha!)

"That's true, because you girls are usually right," Mom agreed.

"Mom, you never worried that you would lose your sons to their wives?"

"Jenny," she said, "from day one, when Akshay told me that he met someone and was in a serious relationship, I didn't have any questions because I knew you made him happy and that he cared about you. That's all that mattered."

"All a mother can ask is for her sons to be happy."

Then she pinched my cheek and asked, "Do you want more tea, baby?"

So Robin, Aparna and I deduced that the key to avoiding lonely Thanksgivings is to be an awesome mother-in-law.

We couldn't ask for a more unconditionally loving and accepting mom.

And for the record, I have thoroughly enjoyed all my Thanksgivings with her and her boys.  No rocking chairs necessary. Yet. :)

Happy Friday!

p.s. That curly hair is too cute, right?!

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