Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shop Update: Behind the Scenes

There are certain points in my work that I really enjoy... one being when I am done sewing the straps and body of the bags.

Before that, it's marking and cutting hides of leather to prepare for sewing...which is a lot like cutting vegetables --it's a little monotonous and time-consuming because you're too excited to get them in a pan of butter to make something delicious.  Then next thing you know you're done and serving it to your husband, then praying to god he enjoys it. 

I still get nervous when I package a bag to ship to a customer.  I'm always like, "Oh god, what if they HATE IT?!"  But I have to ship it anyway.  Otherwise I would be stealing, which is a no-no for gaining customer loyalty.

See how much you're learning about running a business so far?

There's no reason to be nervous anyway; see #1 in my how-to on going full-time with your own business.

Pictured above is a pile of Packets in Arabian Spice and one in Olive Green that I'm finishing up to be shipped (so if you ordered one of these bags, it'll be on its way shortly!).

Before this batch of Packets, however, I took a break to add some new colors to the shop:

Also added: Mini Ruche in Dark Teal Leather, Packet in Neon Pink and Gray Canvas, Baby Ruche in Dark Olive Green Leather, Mini Ruche in Dark Olive Green Leather

It's spring! Yay!


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  1. Keris Allrich WardThursday, March 22, 2012

    Baby ruche in dark teal is beautiful!!