Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Photo Diary: Los Angeles, CA

Some highlights from our LA trip!

1. Unique LA vendor show - the main reason we came to LA. :)

2. Great bitters selection at Bar Keeper.

3. Yummy burger + house salad at EAT in NOHO before the Conan taping.

4. Sprinkles cupcakes in Beverly Hills --  We got a red velvet, carrot, coconut, and mocha.

5. Thai food at Sanam Luang Cafe --  I got the duck salad.

6. Conan taping -- the best part of the whole trip!  The whole experience was a bit surreal. We were in the second row so we got a great view!  Conan also surprised us with a star interview that would be shown later because the celebrity couldn't make it at that time.   It was awesome.  It was Liam Neeson and all of his handsome glory.  :)

This is us in the audience.  Me, being extremely pale wearing shorts and a tank, next to Boy. 

You can see the full episode here.

Well, now that we're back and I've recovered from flying, (I hate flying.  I always get sick.  I actually get motion sick really easily.  Which is why I don't like roller coasters.  Or rides.  Or anything that sounds fun and moves.  I also get nauseous if I watch someone playing an intense first-person video game.  Which is why I like playing omni/god-mode games.  I used to hate riding in a car.  But being in one is kind of inevitable.  I think I'm OK on a boat, but that's because I can jump out and swim if I need.  Swimming is like second nature to me.  After sleeping.  Lots of people suggest that we do all sorts of traveling for our vacations.  I feel like vacations should be relaxing, not spending most of it recovering from nausea.  I prefer to sit on the couch.  With a popcorn.  And a coke.  Unless I'm doing business on my vacation, you can find me on the couch.  With a large popcorn.  With extra butter.  And a coke.) it's back to work catching up on orders, emails, and getting some new stuff in the shop!

Stay tuned for a shop update. :)


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