Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shop Update: Briefcases in Waxed Canvas

The Briefcase is now available in Dark Shadow and Sepia Brown waxed canvas!

What else is going on, you ask?

Well, I've been madly filling orders and stocking up for Unique LA.  We leave next Wednesday and don't have much planned except to attend a taping of Conan on Thursday!  We love Coco.  :)

We've received lots of great emails from you guys with places to visit in LA, so we're going to sit down and figure out what we want to do for our 2.5 days of vacation before the show.  Thanks so much for all the suggestions!  I only wish we were staying longer so we can hit up each spot!

Alright, back to work.  I swear I'll update you more after the show.  Or while I'm procrastinating on work.

Funny story.

I made this somewhat tedious dinner one night last week for date night (baked BBQ chicken, coleslaw, parsnip mash, and poached pears), and Boy came home and said, "Wow, someone is procrastinating for the show..."

So yeah.  I cook a lot when I procrastinate.  Or rearrange furniture around the house.  Or window shop for new furniture.

Basically anything that doesn't make me any money.  Bad Jenny.

Back to work.

For real, this time.


p.s. I've been begging Boy to model these bags for my shop, but he keeps making excuses like watching a Miami Heat game or going to the gym.  I'm pretty sure he's avoiding me.  Pretty sure. 

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