Friday, May 4, 2012

Shop Update: Vintage Mint + Jet Black

As you can see, I'm working extra long hours nowadays.

The other day, I clocked in 12 hours at the sewing machine + cutting table + photo studio (!!!!).

No sweat.

Actually, I was sweating a little bit.

I also don't officially clock in.  Details, nonetheless.

Vintage Mint has been added to the shop! Available and ready to ship in the Archive, Packet, and Mini Ruche.   I used all the Vintage Mint leather, so it's not available for custom order in any other bag styles, sadly.

Jet Black is also a new leather available in the shop.  Reminds me of the black version of the Coffee Bean --glossy, distressed, sturdy and smooth.  It's awesome.  Available in the Archive, Packet, and Mini Ruche.  It's also available for custom order in the other bag styles, I just happen to make these three at the time. :)

I think I need a nap now.

But I've had too much tea.

Which might have contributed to the sweating.

But you didn't care to know that.

Or, did you?  ;)

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