Thursday, May 31, 2012

Studio Update: Work Bench Makeover

So, I told you yesterday I was doing some work in the studio...

Instead of buying a workbench (or building one from scratch), I decided to makeover the current set of (really dirty and gross) drawers that we salvaged from our gutting-basement-project when we moved in.

To prep the drawers, I made a 30% bleach solution and sprayed the crap out of it,  killed my brain cells from the fumes, then wiped it down and let it dry overnight.

Now the fun part --painting!

I live by the motto "just paint it white" for pretty much all of life's problems.

What do you do with an outdated house with horrid wallpaper?  Just paint it white.

I messed up my painting masterpiece, what do I do?   Just paint it white.

How do I get rid of the stains on my teeth from drinking too much tea?   Just paint it white.

Don't paint those roses red.  Keep them white!*

Easy life solutions, my friends.  Take it from the pro.

While Boy doesn't agree with my solution to life's problems, I find that a blank canvas is my favorite kind of canvas.

So, I painted the drawers white.

And what makeover is complete without a little help from her royal highness, Martha? **

I replaced the drawer pulls with these beauties

$50, very little work, and 1/8th gallon of paint later, I have a brand new work station to install hardware.  Oh, we destroyed the original table top on the drawers, so I had to buy a better one that could withstand the force of Thor's hammer.  Except I use a rubber mallet.  Still.  Add $10 to that.  But I didn't use most of the paint, so really, about $50.

And I have 7/8ths gallon of white paint leftover for tackling more life problems!

Get excited, guys.

* Alice in Wonderland reference for those who were deprived of popular childhood movies... Boy. 
** As in, Martha Stewart.

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