Monday, June 4, 2012

Bright(er) Bathroom

I'm never short of "I'm not really happy with how it is in its current state" projects.

This past weekend, it was the hallway bathroom.

I dragged Aparna with me to Target and convinced her to update her hallway bathroom, too.

We were actually supposed to get stuff for her baby's nursery but we got side-tracked.   Boy and I ordered a crib for them, so we decided to wait until the crib arrived for a nursery shopping spree.

At least that's what we decided to tell our husbands when we came back with a car trunk full of bathroom stuff.

Ah! Felt like going back-to-school dorm shopping or something. :)

Unfortunately, I didn't take 'before' pictures.  But it was outdated.   My mother-in-law said she last updated it nine years ago.  So.  Yeah.  It needed some refreshing.

Here's what I got:
Shower curtain 
Shower hooks

What'll it be next weekend?

You'll have to wait and see.

I like to keep things spontaneous. :)

1 comment:

  1. ooooh love the colors! so bright & cheery :)
    cute pup too :)