Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shop Update: Summer Travelers

Let me explain something, my friends.

I've been rejecting your wishes for Travelers in the shop because once I introduced the Archive to the shop, things got busy and there's just no way that I can keep up with seven different bag styles at once and still keep my sanity intact.

I had to remove one of the styles.  That was the Traveler, sadly.

Well, I've been made very aware by so many of you that summer is the time that you want to... across the country and dance through the airport knowing your passport is safe.
...go on hiking trips with your friends and keep your essentials at hips reach.
...and run around the yard waving your hands in the air.  Wave them from here to there.  Wave them like you just don't care.

I hear ya!

Thusly, I've made Travelers in four really awesome summery fabrics just for you.  I think you'll like at least one of them.

They are in limited numbers, so you should probably nab one before your next trip (to Italy, to the park, to work the vendor fair, or out for a photography excursion). 

Happy Travel[er]s!  Teehee.


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