Monday, June 11, 2012

Well, Hello 26.

Dress: H&M
Today, I'm 26.

To be quite honest, it doesn't feel all that different from last year.

Well, except I'm married, a bit more lady-like, and a few pounds heavier (muscle mass, clearly).  ;)

I've dyed my hair a little lighter, too.  And I straighten it more often.

And I think I'm running my business a bit smarter. 

Otherwise, same ole Jenny. :)

Want to know how we spent my birthday weekend?

Well, my friends, I'm a simple girl with simple needs, you see.

To ensure a happy Jenny, you need the three following ingredients:
1. Steak (cooked rare, served on a bed of mixed greens, alongside a glass of dry red wine)
2. Craft beers (IPA is preferable)
3. Something that appeals to my artistic side

Boy also gifted me a month of unlimited Bikram yoga, which makes me extra excited as I've never tried Bikram, and I haven't done yoga since I taught it in college.  I'm hoping it will revitalize my love of yoga and help me regain some lost flexibility.

Happy Monday!


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