Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday: Link Love

Boy did this week fly by.

Temperatures in Pittsburgh have been in the 90s all week (I know, it's hotter everywhere else in the world; I'm being a wuss).   I think I've gotten so acclimated to the colder weather than when temperatures reach above 70F, I'm already breaking a sweat and complaining. 

Enough of my whining.  Let's look at some cool links from around the interwebs!

Do you hate Comic Sans font?  These people don't. 

Really wicked wicker furniture.

Brilliant idea for closet storage!

Super cute pug print.

Paint swatch wall.  Now to go to Home Depot for swatches...

Why women still can't have it all.

Freak out your friends with a wig of your own hair

No coaster needed when you have a floating mug!

Lego bridge.

This would be fun for practicing dunks.

Happy weekend!


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