Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hey Ombre

Over the 4 years of making leather bags, I've used a lot of different leathers.

And I've accumulated lots and lots of scraps.

I strive to minimize as much waste as possible in my business (and in my every day life --you should see what dishes I can come up with using leftovers and assorted pantry materials).

A few months ago, I tackled the task of organizing my 6 storage boxes of leather scraps by color.  You know, for fun and hopefully to inspire a new project.

You can imagine how many shades of each color I've worked with if you've been following my shop from the beginning.  It was obviously time for an ombre project!

Here they are:  3 one-of-a-kind Mini Ruche bags in Rose, Green, and Ocean Ombre. 

These were made with the largest of my scraps (which are very rare and took quite some time to find enough to make these three bags).

I have to admit, these were extremely time consuming.  From conception to finished product, these occupied a large chunk of time in between sewing orders.

While you shouldn't expect to see my shop filled with these projects, every once in a while, you can expect something unexpected.  :)



  1. They turned out very beautiful.

  2. These bags are BEAUTIFUL! I can only imagine how many scraps you have after describing the 6 storage boxes. I'm always so impressed with how creative people are with scraps and you are definitely no exception. Keep up the beautiful work!