Monday, July 2, 2012

Hubert and the Playground

Remember when Boy gifted me a month of unlimited Bikram yoga?

I've definitely been successfully attending 3-4 classes/week and I'm loving it!

Boy times his gym schedule to overlap the end of my yoga class so that I can go home and have disrupted time in the kitchen to prepare dinner.  Then he arrives just when I'm done cooking.  It's kind of awesome.  So glad to be on a schedule.  I love routine.

Sadly, Hubert has been left to a sedentary lifestyle. When we come back from our workout outs, we end up lounging on the couch to eat dinner and watch TV. (See Hubert watching TV like a lazy bum.)

However.  Lately, we've decided to take our Pug kid to the nearby playground after dinner (when other human kids aren't around) for some exercise.

After three minutes of crying and being a wuss about going through the plastic tunnel, Hubert finally went through and then enjoyed running back and forth thereafter.  He's a pro now, don't worry.

(See, sometimes kids just need a little push... literally).

Now we all get our exercise. :)

So, what have we all learned here?

1. Boy and I may or may not be bullies.

2. Going to the park with Hubert may or may not be more fun than watching TV.

3. We may or may not have made Hubert climb stairs, run through a tunnel, walk across a rickety bridge and slide down a windy slide.  He may or may not have been excited for another round afterward.

4.  Hubert may or may not have passed out from exhaustion after these playground nights.

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