Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shop Update: Blush Rose Pink

I just can't help myself.

I know super girly pinks don't fly off the shelves like browns and neutrals, but I picked up a pretty pretty pink leather anyway (and made it into a humongous bag).  I'm a rebel. 

I thought I was going to endure another lecture from Boy on inventory management and profit optimization yadda yadda blah blah, but instead, I got deep sigh when I showed him the new leather.  

The girl's gonna get what she wants.  Whether he likes it or not, you see. 

Plus, this bag is super adorable.

Can you imagine carrying this around as a baby bag for a baby girl?

OMG.  So cute.

Also available in the Baby Ruche.  :)

p.s.  When I showed Boy the finished bags, he actually really liked them.  One must learn to trust his wife's judgement on leathers. 


  1. If it counts for anything, this is the best pink leather that you've bought. I guess it's always summer somewhere...

  2. I agree! If I had had a girl...I would be very tempted! The cream lining also looks super decadent with the blush pink!