Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Man, they're cute.

You should know that if I'm not updating the blog, I'm busy.  Busy is good!  This time of the year is a really fun time for me because I'm preparing for Renegade Chicago in September and the holidays. 

Can you believe summer is over?

To be honest, I'm kind of happy.

I love the fall, and I love October in Pittsburgh.  It's also the month of our (first!) wedding anniversary.  (A year, already?!)  Right in the middle of when all the leaves are red orange and yellow.  The air is cold and crisp.  No AC or heater needed.

Oh, and boots!

Sure.  Leaves are pretty.  Air is nice.  But boots!

So excited.

p.s.  I absolutely melt when I see Shay with our nephew and son.  (Nephew is the human baby.)

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