Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday: Link Love

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I'm trying to be a little spontaneous and unpredictable.

So I'm posting some interesting links from around the interwebs on a Monday instead of a Friday.

It's a good start, I guess. :)

You're married, now what?  Great advice for newlyweds

Genius meal plan: 4 American classics made with 1 machine.

Olympics are over, but we can still admire the evolution of the uneven bars in gymnastics.

Moss graffiti is eco-friendly.

Zero-waste, package-free microgrocer in Austin, TX.

Paper yarn.

A beautiful film on movement.

Very cool library parking garage.

Ah, finally.  A table for wine enthusiasts.

For every man, there's his woman (side).

Cool hare styles.

Pug puppy bath time!

Journey from childhood to old age in the bathroom.

Happy Monday!


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