Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back from Renegade Chicago

We're back from Chicago, and I'm thoroughly enjoying this cool crisp chill that's happening in Pittsburgh.  (And the hills.  Goodness its flat in the Midwest.  I've been away from Texas for so long that I've forgotten what land looks like with no mountains.)

Speaking of mountains, I took the photo above during the week I was preparing for Renegade Chicago and filling orders that needed to be shipped before ditching town.  I like to document times when I make this many bags at once.  I mean, this was a crazy-huge pile of bags.  Unfinished bags in pretty fall colors.  Doesn't it look like a pile of autumn leaves?

While I was preparing all those bags, I was complaining (maybe more than usual) about hand cramps and wrist soreness.  Shay told me that I was wasting my time making all those bags when I had a decent amount of inventory already available for the show.  Then after the show, he said it was a good thing I made all those bags.

Premature arthritis?  Worth it.

We always love our time in Chicago.  It gets better and better every year because each year we return,  we see more people wearing my bags visiting the booth (which helps new customers make their decision if they're unsure, double yay!).

The feeling is just surreal.  Strangers* are wearing something that I designed and made.  With my own hands!  In my house!  Isn't that cool?  I can't help but do a little happy dance when it happens.

Maybe because before I started selling bags, my mom was the only one wearing my prototypes.  And honestly, it's really awesome to see someone other than my mom** wearing my bags.

*Of course, when you buy a Jenny N. bag, you're not a stranger to us.  You're part of the Jenny N. family.  :) 

**Not that I don't like my mom wearing my bags.  It's just that she's my mom.  And moms are supportive of whatever you do even if you're bad at it.***

***I'm not bad at making bags.  I think I'm pretty OK at it, actually. :)


  1. I own 2 of your bags and I absolutely love them. I even convinced my sister she needed one after she saw mine after telling her how much I loved it over and over and over.

  2. You're the coolest. :)

  3. Jenny, what have I told you about writing posts that make me laugh out loud at work? People think I am crazy--having so much fun at work.

  4. Making you look like a crazy person in your workplace, one reader at a time. :)