Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Shop Update: New Colors + Tap Shoes

Dead days are days on my work calendar that are blank.  They are hard to come by now that fall has begun and wardrobe updates are in full swing.  Thus, I take advantage of these days to sneak in some new colors and styles.

These are exhilarating days for me because I have to squeeze in a lot of work into one day before I need to work on paid orders.  I feel rebellious.  

Like, I should be filling paid orders.  But I'm not.

Then I feel guilty because I could have shipped a customer's order one day before I promised to ship it.  

But what's one more day?  Is what I tell myself.

I pack a lot of work in these days.  I cut, sew, assemble, photograph, edit and list everything new I want to add to the shop.  Sometimes I just have time for 1 or 2 bags.  Other times, I feel really ambitious and end up working through the night.  Shay cooks dinner on those nights.  Usually scrambled eggs, toast and tea.

His greatest culinary creations.

He's the best.

Sometimes I get epiphanies on how I can improve a product.

I'm already in the zone.

It happens.

That's what I did on my dead day yesterday.

These metal feet sound like little tap shoes. :)

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  1. I guess I'm biased but the Apprentice in Arabian Spice looks amazing