Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Black is Back

Sometimes, I forget really simple yet important things, like stocking the shop with black bags.  I know, I know.   I need to get with the program.  Can't make rookie mistakes like this anymore.

I impulsively purchased this luscious butter-soft black matte leather before I bought my new heavy-duty super-industrial sewing machine, knowing that I would one day find a machine to sew through it.  Since I bought Big Bertha (it's not her official name, but I figure if I need to name her something for referral purposes on my blog, that one seems appropriate), I can sew through anything.  And by anything, I mean heavy weight leathers. 

While I was doing leather inventory the other day, this thick, beautiful leather was staring at me whispering, "Make me into an Archive Mini, woman!"

And that was all she wrote.

Except that she also made an Archive from the leather as well.  Then THAT was all she wrote.

Bad news is that I could only make two Archive Minis and one Archive from this leather.  I'm in the process of finding more of this matte black, but for now, it's in really limited quantities.

Good news is that they are all ready to ship, so you don't have to wait 2 weeks for your bag to ship. 

I always end with good news.  :)

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