Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Midnight Blue

Allow me to formally introduce you to Midnight Blue.  Midnight Blue, you.  You, Midnight Blue.

This leather color is in EXTREMELY limited quantities.  While it's available to be made in any of the other bag styles, it may not be for long, so message me if you are interested in this color.

Last night, Shay told me that he missed my more "artistic" product photos, where I used props in the photos.  I hesitated to go back to using props because I felt that they obstructed from the view of the actual product --like I had flaws to hide or something.

Then I realized that he meant to use props to help visualize the product dimensions and its possible utility.  At least that's what I assumed.  He may have really liked my vintage sewing machine or bamboo plant from summer and fall 2009 photos.  We'll never know.

Anyhow, now you can see that the front pocket of the Archive Mini easily fits Shay's Nook + case.  :)

I was also hesitant about photographing bags with props because I don't own any of the gadgets that many customers use my bags to carry.  Like, an iPad, laptop, 7" tablet, e-reader, etc.  However, I know these bags fit them because customers tell me they fit nicely, then I update my listings to include that information for potential customers.

And of course I make "mock gadgets" when I design my bags so that they can meet the needs of the greatest number of customers (engineer think!).   However, from the gadgets that I do own, I can tell you that a 24" iMac does not fit in any of my bags, and a Samsung Galaxy SIII does fit in all my bags.  That should help some.  :)

You know... this reminds me of a little contest I'd like to have for my shop.  Let me ponder it a bit and get back to you.


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  1. LOVE the navy blue! Your bags are gorgeous, I am definitely considering purchasing one of your bags after my year of no shopping is complete :)