Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year, New Things!

It's a new year, and I needed to post some self-portraits of Shay and me before our Christmas decor becomes way too obsolete to share (which, by the way, we finally took down last weekend).

If you're following me on Instagram, you've already seen one of these.  But I have outtakes!  Yesssyesyesyesyess (cue Bill Hader's Stefon voice).  We usually take 50 or so pictures (because I'm ridiculous/I have a remote control), and one of them ends up being share-worthy.  I figured you'd like to see some not-so-posed photos from our New Years Eve photo session. :)

2013, I have high expectations of you.  Last year was great and all, but I have lots of plans for 2013.  No concrete-written-in-stone kind of plans.  I like, fluid-changeable-movearoundable plans.  They have room for improvement and growth.

Sometimes I feel like if I make too many hard-and-fast plans, I end up disappointed (or I reach them and become stagnant).  Concrete plans can often set a ceiling on your actual potential and hinder you from seeing great things when they present themselves.   Keep an open mind and you'll find that you're ready to jump on opportunities the moment they arrive.

You may be wondering what's new for the year.  I shall tell you.

I have two new bag designs sketched and almost ready for making, testing, and launching.  It's coming very soon!  I can smell it.  And it smells a lot like leather.  Oh, wait.  That's my studio.  It always smells like that.  But you'll see new things very soon!  Follow me on Facebook and you'll witness my progress. 

What else?

New leather colors, improvements on existing styles, and a vacation to place with sun, sand and saltwater.  The vacation doesn't really affect you, it's more for me.  But you'll see pictures.  What a treat! :)

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