Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our Home: Bedroom + tastes orangey

My sister-in-law, Aparna, and mother-in-law always asks me where I find all the art/decor I place around our house.   Unfortunately, I have the memory of a sea shell, so I am often searching my Purchase History on Etsy for where I found something.

I often search my own blog to recall memories (like if a friend or my mom calls to check on what I've been up to, you can bet I'm looking back on my blog and Instagram to tell them what I've been up to), and that's why I'm starting this series called "Our Home", featuring my favorite pieces around our house and where I found them.  :)

Our bedroom is my second favorite place in the house.  The first is our living room.  Third is my basement studio --which needs a lot of work before it starts to feel homey.  Right now it feels workey, which is probably how it should feel. 

Some time ago, Aparna asked me where I got the prints I hung over our bed.  Well!  Now I can finally tell her I got them from a cute Etsy shop, tastes orangey by Clare Elsaesser.

When I was decorating our bedroom (which doubles as an office for Shay when he needs to work from home) I wanted to keep it sleep-inducing.  As in, I just want to feel like sleeping when I walk into this room.  I kept the decor and color to a minimum. 

Clare really hits the spot with her beautiful paintings and prints.  Don't these just make you want to fall asleep and start dreaming already?  These are the three I bought for our bedroom:

Striped Sleeper

p.s. See other home decor posts from the holidays and other places we've lived in the past. :)


  1. Lovely print you got there! :) May I know where did you get your head board ?

  2. The headboard (and almost all of our furniture in our bedroom) is from IKEA. It's the MANDAL. :)

  3. LOVE your bedding and those beautiful paintings! Such a great room :)

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