Friday, February 15, 2013

How You Found Me #3

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I giggle every time I ask a male customer how he found my shop (especially if he bought a bag obviously made for women), because 1.) I always receive a prompt response, 2.) it is usually not helpful for me as a business person trying to improve her reach to customers, and 3.) it's usually funny.

Responses from men buying gifts for their significant others are among my favorite to receive when I ask my customers how they found my shop.  These responses come in a plenty during the holidays, so I thought I would share a few with you today.  Enjoy! :)

"To be honest, I only found your shop because my wife sent me a link to the bag so I could get it for her for Christmas. :)" - Mike, TX

"My girlfriend had the bag posted on her Pinterest page." - Mark, PA

"This was on my wife's Christmas list and I'm not sure how she found it.  Pinterest maybe?" - Tim, CA

"My wife is the one who found your shop [...] She had seen this bag in her searches and loved it and not so subtly hinted that she'd love it as a gift sometime." - Chris, TX

Thank you wives for strongly hinting to your husbands what you wanted for Christmas.  And thank you girlfriends for being less direct about it.  :)

Happy Friday!

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