Monday, February 11, 2013

Welcome Back: Ruby Wine

I get a lot of messages along the lines of, "Will you ever bring back X color leather?" and I never know how to respond because I'm always on the look out for leathers that sold out quickly, so it's not like I'll never have it, but I can't guarantee that I will have it.  Anyway, I usually find a way to convey the fact that I am always looking for certain leathers and while I can't guarantee that it will come back soon, I hope that I'll be able to find it in the future.  Then I usually add them to a list to contact if I ever find it... even if I manage to contact them 3 years later.

It's not that helpful, but I want to make sure I'm always telling the truth.  Because I'm an honest businesswoman, you know. 

I sold out of this Ruby Wine leather sometime in 2011 and just finally found it again (in a slightly glossier version).  It is available in the Archive Mini and all other bag styles --just message me!

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