Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Being Found

Last night at dinner, Shay and I were discussing business (as usual).

We focused our discussion mainly on "being found".  Like, how do brands become found and make it big?

It's like this carrot that's constantly dangling in front of my mind.

When will I have that "moment"?
Is there such thing as a "moment"?
Or do you just have a bunch of "moments" that aggregate into an awesome clump of brand discovery awesomeness?

It's stressful to dwell on.  And I deal with stress by cooking.  (and eating).  And sewing.

But I wanted to share my thoughts with you;  I've been quiet lately because these thoughts have been like a virus in my mind, sending me into this speechless abyss.  I realize the best thing for me to do is just write my thoughts down so that I can move on.

By the end of our discussion, we decided to step back.  5 years back.  When I first started my business.  When I was a college kid making fabric totes in my dorm.

And compared that to present day Jenny N. Design.

Then it dawned on us.

This business is built on a strong foundation of patrons who spread the love.  Word of mouth.

The best feeling I get is when I receive an email notification of a sale and the customer tells me she found me because her friend told her about my shop.

I never realized how powerful referrals were until we looked back at the numbers and found that my business is built on word of mouth from customers.  Customers loyal to my business.  Loyal to my brand.  Loyal to me.

While I was getting caught up in the anxieties of having that moment, I lost sight of the string of moments that have brought me here today.

That moment when someone tells someone else about my bags.

That's my moment.

Those are my moments of brand discovery.

(Images from yesterday's Archive in Ruby Wine photography session with Hubert enjoying the cold concrete floor).

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  1. awwwww! What a wonderful revelation! Word of mouth IS the best...and something you can't pay for. Which makes it amazingly special. Enjoy your moments!!