Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shay's Bday

We celebrated Shay's 28th birthday last Saturday, on June 1st.

We started the day with me nagging him to pick out a new computer for business school in August (an excuse to go out and go shopping!!!).

Instead, he insisted sitting in his dark office, hunched over his computer to look over my business data.  I got bored (clearly, I have left all the analytical stuff/data mining to my awesome husband) and scrubbed down and vacuumed the entire house in the meantime.  Then, I sewed some new pillow cushions for our sofa because I didn't feel like going to the gym with Shay (I'm a lazy bum sometimes).  I love my new pillows, and these new chairs I got for our breakfast area.  I'll take pictures soon! :)

Afterwards, we dressed up and went out for drinks and dinner with Adi, Aparna and our new friends Sanket and Anita.  We had such a fun/loud time at the restaurant that our server plopped pints of water in front of each of us at the end of the night.  We re-hydrated quietly and ended the night going back to our place for pre-Prohibition era cocktails courtesy of my mixologist birthday boy (and watching the Heat get beat in game 6, which made Shay sad, but now he's happy again after last night's Eastern Conference win).

Birthday success!

Above is a picture we took before we left for dinner.  Yes, I got dressed after he did so I could coordinate with him.  I'm that girl.  ;)

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