Monday, September 23, 2013

Canvases, Moving, and Marriage

Archives have been made in the new waxed canvases and water resistant canvases.  I'm really loving these canvases.  They are super-durable and pair perfectly with the leather accents.  These make great bags for taking on fall adventures --school, work, traveling, shopping.  You know, the usual.

Speaking of adventures (school and traveling in particular), Shay and I are preparing for a lot of new things happening in the next month.  We've signed a lease for a tiny studio apartment in the Strip District in Pittsburgh (our favorite part area of Pittsburgh with the old warehouse buildings and markets).  With Shay going to business school part-time, his commute is getting pretty crazy over the weekdays with work and going to campus and then the long drive back home.  So I'm excited to return to the Strip --it's a place close to our hearts because we rented a loft there (almost 3 years ago!) when we first moved to Pittsburgh, and that's where Shay proposed.

And did I mention more Vietnamese food date nights?  Umm, yes please!

I'm keeping my work studio in the suburbs, so we'll be able to commute together every morning (with Hubert).  I'll drop him off at work on the way to my studio, and Hubert will continue his sleep next to my feet while I sew.  Then I'll pick him up on the way home and drop him off at campus on his school nights and we'll come home together other nights.  It'll be pretty fantastic.  Sure, my commute has increased from 0 to 280 miles/week, but I get to spend those miles with my husband (and pug) in a small confined space where he's forced to hang out with me.  Not bad, right? :)

This will be my first time NOT working in the same place where I sleep.  It'll be pretty awesome.  I'll actually get to wake up early, get ready, put on normal people clothes (as opposed to pajamas) and drive somewhere to go to work (as opposed to wobble downstairs all half-asleep).  I'm excited!

And the cherry on top?  Our move-in date is our 2nd year wedding anniversary.  It was the only day where I could convince Shay to take the day do manual labor of all things.  But we'll be all moved in by the afternoon, then we'll be celebrating in our new little space that night.  Can you believe it's almost 2 years since our wedding?!

I've already started furniture arrangement plans (as I do with every move).  I've lived in a garage-conversion studio before in Austin, except it was just me and a small 12-week old pug puppy.  It'll be an interesting challenge to set up our office space, living space, bedroom and a kitchen in one small room and comfortably fit 2 humans and a fat pug in that same space.

We're forgoing our couch and chair set because we'll only have enough room for 2 chairs, so naturally I found another wingback chair that I'm currently reupholstering.  Pictures of that to come, too!

So. Excited! Cannot. Hide. It!

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