Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Etsy Holiday Bootcamp: My Interview!!

I'm so excited to share this video interview I had with Etsy Admin Amy and Claire!

Claire reached out to me about sharing some business insight on setting goals, standards and workflow processes for their Holiday Bootcamp series.  This bootcamp is extremely helpful for new and veteran sellers to prepare their shops for the holiday season --so you can imagine how ecstatic I was to share some of my experience with selling on Etsy for the past 5 years!

If you're an online seller, and have 18 minutes and 3 seconds to spare, I hope you'll watch this and gain a little more insight on how to prepare for the busy holiday season.

If you're not an online seller, but you have some time to spare, I hope you'll watch it anyway because you are reading my blog anyway, and you might as well see what I look and sound like when I'm being interviewed (I use the word "like" like, so many times, ermahgerd).

Not convinced you need to watch this video? Maybe my husband's review on it will help:

"I watched this live and people were loving the advice!  Lots of great questions from the viewers and interaction from new sellers. 

Concepts like inventory forecasting and costing to meet demand and reduce tax liability are things that people pay a lot of good money to learn...i.e. maybe I should just take my backpack and go to the basement after work instead.  Also, I really liked the concept of constantly improving your product because it creates forward value for loyal customers!

I loved the the softer concepts too, like being confident about your craft when dealing with custom orders and remembering that the holidays aren't all about bagging the most cash - they're about candles and candy crush...
I especially liked how well thought out your comments were without seeming overly rehearsed.  I hope Etsy comes back to you many more times. 

I prouds! You pays rents, thanks."




  1. Jenny, I saw this video when it was first aired. I thought you did an awesome job. I didn't even notice the "likes". I thought you sounded brilliant. I will probably revisit the video later in the season for inspiration. Now if I could just get some orders to make all my organizing worth my while!

  2. Awesome interview, Jenny. :) Great articulation and confidence. Have a great (busy) holiday season!