Wednesday, October 9, 2013

RE-introducing: Ruche Bag

I'm so (!!!) excited, yinz guys*.

I've been wanting to makeover the Baby Ruche bag for quite some time.  It was one of my flagship bags in my shop and the design has been unchanged for almost 5 years.  Until now!


You hear this advice all the time on design shows:  Be cohesive!  Having a cohesive collection really allows a designer to become a recognizable brand, and I've been taking the steps to make my bags look like they were all designed and constructed by me.  "But Jenny" you might say, "you ARE designing and making all these bags!".  It's true!  But I want them to all look like they are related.  And this comes in the way I construct my bags. 

Mushroom Taupe (it's back!)

When I re-launched the Clutch, I fell in love with the flap closure and I knew I wanted to incorporate that into the ruched bags.  Somehow.  I didn't know exactly how I'd do it without compromising the aesthetic of the bag.  As an engineer and an artist, I'm always trying to find a balance in my designs that reflect both my personal artistic aesthetic while also maintaining high utilitarian value and functionality.

So I mulled over it while making that Backpack y'all love so much.**

Then, as I was browsing some cute vintage dresses at my friend Karen's shop, I saw something interesting in one of her listings.  Her dresses were photographed with a "crinoline".   I didn't know what that was, so I looked it up and I knew I had my Ruche bag redesign done.

You see, the original Baby Ruche design was inspired by the fusion of a bubble skirt (when it was all the rage) and a Chinese dumpling (when I was making them).  (Can you see it now that I've mentioned it?)  It was only fitting that I incorporate a built-in petticoat to retain its bubbly shape, which also gave me the mechanism to install the hardware properly for the flap closure like the Clutch.

Bam!  Cohesive.

I've renamed this bag Ruche (and the smaller version, coming soon, will be lovingly named Ruche Mini to stay cohesive with my Archive and Archive Mini naming scheme.  More cohesiveness!  Boom boom bam!)

My husband says he absolutely loves it --that's enough positive feedback to last me at least a week on my redesign launch high.

I hope you love the redesign as much as we love it!!


*While in speech, I have not changed my "y'all" to "yinz", I decided I should at least mention it once on my blog to show solidarity with our Pittsburgh home and all.  But you may not see me typing that often. (I'm a Texas girl at heart.)

**You can take the girl out of Texas...

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  1. Just watched your boot camp video and then checked out your shop. Found your blog through your shop. Thanks for this article. It is nice to know that I am not the only shop owner that gets disheartened at times. It is always so helpful to have a supportive family.