Monday, October 28, 2013

Traveler in Brown Tweed: Twill and Plain Weave

I sold out of the brown and beige tweed I used for the super-popular Traveler bag last week and the original vendor discontinued that fabric (I hate when that happens!).

Thus began the search for a replacement.  I stumbled upon twill weave and plain weave twill.   I was racking my brain deciding between the two.  After 50 seconds of deliberation,  I bought both.  If I can't decide, it means I must have both. 

I use this logic when it comes to pretty much everything: 

Should I eat steak or sea food?  That's easy - Man created surf & turf for good reason.

Should I get these heels in fuchsia or electric blue?  I'll definitely need both.

Should I get plain weave or twill weave tweed wool?  Must offer both.

And here we are, with two similar but not too similar tweed Travelers to choose.  Which one will you choose?

Twill Weave
Plain Weave

(You could go with both.  I would.)

Also, I'm starting to integrate my new and improved zippers with long pulls into all of my bags.  The Travelers are getting them first!  You'll notice the zipper pulls are MUCH easier to hold on to when trying to get into your bag in a hurry (or with lotion on your hands), and the zip action is MUCH smoother than before.  Wee! :)

These zippers will be making their way into the zippered pockets in all the bags, too!


p.s. If I had 3 options to choose?  Well, I'd never put myself in that situation (though we all know how I would make my decisions based on my little cardigan collection)...

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