Monday, November 11, 2013

Introducing: The Wristlet

I was out with my husband meeting up with friends a couple weeks ago at a bar when I realized how badly I needed a small bag to carry just my phone, ID, credit card, keys, and lipgloss.  Sometimes, a girl just doesn't need to carry her entire life on her shoulder.  This was one of those times.

Before you go thinking that I've never owned a wristlet, let me tell you that with the phones growing in size every year, my phone was just outgrowing the wristlet I was using for years.   Hence my need to design something to suit my needs. 

My Samsung Galaxy SIII is, by all means, not the largest phone on the market and it wasn't fitting in the wristlet I currently owned.  With plans to buy the Samsung Galaxy Mega (which, according to my brother, who works at Samsung, looks like you've slapped a tablet to your face when you're talking on the phone, which is precisely what I like to look like when I'm walking around)  I needed to design something that would accommodate women like me who want to carry our large phones in teeny-tiny bags.   We deserve wristlets, too, right?!

(And if we're being super honest right now, I offered a wristlet bag 4 years ago but with my fashion sense evolving, I wanted to design something that reflected my current artistic aesthetic: simple, well-made bags meant for everyday use). 

So here we are: a no-frills bag.

The Wristlet is a simply-designed, durable, and lightweight purse optimized for minimal baggage and maximal dancing for a night out on the town with friends.

It can even be used as an every day bag if you're a minimalist when it comes to purses.  If you're a maximalist for baggage (like me), you can clip this cute little Wristlet in your larger bag (like the Archive or Ruche) for easy access to small items (i.e. makeup, coins, business cards).

Perk!  You can also attach the bolt snap to the zipper pull to make sure your bag stays closed all night.  (I know, right?!)

I hope you love the Wristlet as much as I (and some customers who have already ordered the bag) love it!!


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  1. Absolutely brilliant idea. I'm going to order two for my SIL and mom! I've already marked my calendar to remind me to order before your holiday deadlines :)