Friday, December 6, 2013

ERMG! Featured Shop!

Wristlets in a crate --this is the most of any bag type I've ever stocked in my entire life. Thus, I documented it.

Have you ever noticed that you perform better when you have a bajillion things to do on your list?  Like, somehow, the time-management skills that were dormant your entire life come out and you somehow accomplish everything on your list and still have time to bake a batch of cupcakes, too?

Well.  Here's a story for you.

Freshman year of college.  Second semester.  I had a Calculus and Organic Chemistry midterm scheduled on the SAME DAY and I had the classes back-to-back.  I could have sworn that if that alone wouldn't kill me, the 6:15am Yoga-Pilates Fusion group fitness class I had to teach that morning just before the midterms would just about do it.

Would you have guessed that I was as cool as a cucumber that morning teaching my class (and got compliments on how great the class was?!) and I aced both exams?  I was.  And I did.  (Let it be known it was the first and only time I ever aced anything engineering-related in college.  Just so you know -- I'm not some closet genius or anything.)  I ended up with a B in both classes at the end of the semester, but it just goes to show how you can really unlock some hidden potential when you're under pressure and really driven to exceed.

These past few weeks, I've been feeling a little bit like there has been a bend in the time-space continuum and I have been gifted more hours in a day.

That can't happen.  What has really happened is that I've been able to add more work days into my schedule with a little bit of math.  I've tacked 4 additional work hours onto 2 weekdays per week and dedicate 4 hours each weekend day for work.  And BOOM!  8+12+8+12+8+4+4 = 7 work "days"!    And I still get my weekends.

Somehow, with the added work hours just casually slipped into my week, I have managed to really get ahead in my sewing schedule, keep up with orders, add more inventory, add new inventory, and stock up for Handmade Arcade and still manage to feed my dog and husband three times per day.  Who ate the bacon-wrapped, sausage-stuffed chicken roulade and who ate the dog kibble, I am not sure, but they are both alive and well, thanks to this gal.  Clearly, I have some untapped potential, people!

Feeling a little super woman-ish, I've decided to do this crazy thing:

I've extended my Made to Order Holiday deadline to December 6th!  That's TODAY!  Yeah, I know.  Super cray cray.  Order by 11:59pm EST today and you'll receive your order in time for Christmas.  For.  Real!

Okay, now to the juicy part (it's not that juicy, I spoiled it with the title!):


I've been dreaming of this day since April 17, 2008 --when I first opened shop.  I have worked extremely hard for 5 years to get to where I am today, and I feel so honored that Etsy is appreciating all my hard work with this feature!  :)

When I received the email about my upcoming feature three weeks ago, I called Shay and screamed and squealed and danced for approximately 15 minutes before realizing I needed to reply back to the email letting them know that I was in!  Then, of course, the preparation began for stocking my shop for the feature AND the vendor event the Saturday during the feature.

(I'm pretty sure I was way more giddy after reading that email from Etsy than when Shay proposed.  In my defense:  I have been wanting to be a Featured Shop longer than I've been with Shay.  Just so it's semi-justified.  I cried more with Shay's proposal.  Fair?)

Please enjoy my interview on Etsy!  I'm so happpyyyyyyyy!


p.s. Yes, I just linked to the interview thrice! (How annoying, I know.)
p.p.s. Well, four times, now.  I'm done.  


  1. Congratulations!! Well deserved accolades are pouring in on the Etsy as well! I am so happy for you! Shay better take you out to celebrate! :-)

  2. Congratulations Jenny! What a great featured shop post!

  3. So well-deserved.. YOU ROCK, GIRLFRIEND ! I, too, have aspirations for becoming a featured seller... but am not nearly ready... You are such an inspiration to me.