Monday, January 20, 2014

Introducing: The Duffel

Meet the Duffel.  You've been asking me for a larger bag (larger than the Archive, I know!) and I've been taking names and sketching away.

I actually did a little bit of homework to figure out how big I should go.

I first thought about all the things my sister in law needs to carry for her toddler son.  She used the Archive Bag when my nephew was a newborn, but toddler's diapers, clothing, and toys are much bigger and need much more space for long afternoons at the park and museum.  Toys, books, diapers, wipes, change of clothes, baby blanket, sippy cups, snacks, and mom's purse essentials plus a cardigan.

I looked through my husband's backpack for school to see what he carries to campus.  Right now, he takes his Backpack to class when he only needs his laptop, a binder with notes, and his essentials.  But he needed a larger bag for his trips to campus on the weekends to study and go to the gym:  2 textbooks, binder, folders, 15" laptop, basketball shoes, change of clothes, and essentials.


Then, as a bonus, when I went to my hair stylist to get my hair trimmed and layered (can you tell in the photo?),  and asked her what she carries with her to and from the salon every day.  Blow dryer, straighter, curling irons, a variety of round and flat brushes, a few pairs of scissors, combs, fabric cape, and her purse essentials.

I had gathered enough data to spec out the dimensions of my newest bag.

The Duffel is 3X the volumetric capacity of the Archive bag, which means it will carry a LOT.   Baby stuff, travel stuff, work stuff, school stuff and gym stuff -- it'll handle it.  It has a heavily reinforced bottom to minimize sagging and those metal feet to protect the bag bottom. :)  

Unsnap the sides to create a roomy tote bag for carrying lots of things for long adventures.

See more info on the Duffel in my shop.

I'll be adding new colors in the next few weeks, but if you'd rather not wait, message me with what color you would like and I can make one for you! :)

Hope you love it!!


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