Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gifts: Valentines I Wouldn't Mind

I love being a return customer -- I love knowing I'm going to love what I get.  Like when Shay and I consider venturing out to new restaurants on date night, we often just look at each other and say, "Vietnamese?" and walk to our favorite little Vietnamese spot in our neighborhood.  We know it'll be good, why not?  (It's a combination of seeking guaranteed satisfaction and being lazy, to answer my own question.)

Thus, I went through shops I've purchased from and found a few items I wouldn't mind getting for Valentine's Day. :)  Because I know I'll love them.

Ampersand wood sign, Oh Dier Living
Everyone loves our gold Holla sign.  It sits in our entryway above this bench and tells guests that we're friendly, and just a little bit gangsta.

"Happiness" print, Clare Elsaesser
These three prints hang above our bed.  I actually wrote a post about her prints here.

Lace bracelet in mustard, branchbound
A very similar pair of earrings to these are my go-to pair for making a statement when I'm wearing something understated.  Yeah, I'm always wearing these earrings.

Lychee rose goat's milk soap, Savor
I cannot say more about Savor besides the fact that I come here every couple months to stock up on whipped soaps and body butters.  I've been obsessed with Savor soaps since 2008, when I first joined Etsy. Lychee Rose Creme Fraiche is my favorite, but I'm never disappointed when I venture out and try other scents. :)

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