Friday, March 28, 2014

Introducing: The Monogram Tote

With spring just around the corner (it's been long overdue for Pittsburgh; I realize it's spring everywhere else in the US), I've been in cleaning mode.  While my design aesthetic highly favors simplicity, my every day life has been feeling a bit... abundant. (Excessive, to be exact.)

Over the nearly six years of running my business, I've added on more and more design elements to each silhouette, straying away from my original simple design aesthetic.

My everyday life started to adopt a similar regime.  I'd buy one pair of shoes, then love them so much, I'd go back and buy a couple more pairs in different colors. I did the same thing with beans (I know, weird).  I got on this kick about adding lentils and beans to my cooking;  I started with dried black beans, then all of a sudden I had to make room in our pantry for navy beans, kidney beans, and all sorts of different lentils because of my new found addiction of perusing the bulk food aisle at the grocery store paired with my ever-growing collection of hermetic glass jars. Did you know that our tiny studio apartment doesn't actually have a pantry but I commandeered our coat closet for pantry use? (Who needs a coat closet? Oh wait, we did. Thanks, Polar Vortices of Winter 2014.)

My husband says I need to "reduce my footprint".

Translation: I need to get rid of a bunch of redundancy in my life so that if we have to move somewhere after he graduates from school, he won't have a heart attack (like every move he's experienced with me) because I have so. much. stuff.

Enter: The Monogram Tote.

I am a no-frills designer who makes quality bags lightweight because I omit all the fluffy stuff that makes them heavy (unnecessary hardware, compartments, and nonfunctional elements).  I strayed a bit.  I'm coming back now. This bag is my first step to paring down to the core of Jenny N.  Spring cleaning, you could say.

Actually, this is my second step.  The first was the Wristlet.  I digress.

This Tote encompasses every reason I started my business in 2008:  To bring well-designed, hand made, highly functional bags, with a timeless aesthetic into the market.

No interior pockets (Hi, I'm Jenny, and I never use the pockets I sew inside my own bags.), just a metal bolt snap to clip keys or small pouches (i.e. Wristlet!).  One small zippered pocket on the front to hold a cell phone and lip gloss.  Sturdy bottom to minimize sagging.  Super spacious.

To address the hundreds of hundreds of requests (would that be thousands?) I've received in almost six years, I added a zippered top.

Done, done, and done.

Did I also mention you can monogram this bag?  When you simplify down to an almost purely functional state, there's a fine line between looking generic and branded.  I chose the literal sense of the latter.  :)

I hope you enjoy this lovely piece!


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