Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Looking Back 22 Years

I've told you before:  running a business is not all rainbows and ponies.  Remember the recall?  (I can feel a pit in my stomach just thinking about that.)

This time is no different.  

This February, I started to fall into a slump.  I turned into this annoyingly lazy and unmotivated version of myself that's likely due to the months gloomy skies + freezing temperatures (especially this year!) + burn out after a busy holiday season. 

I was starting to enjoy the sound of my bitching and overall excuse-making after a while.  Then I stopped recognizing myself.   Who was this annoying woman playing victim to her circumstances? 

Well, a quick vacation to visit with my parents kicked me back into gear.  No words necessary.  Just a VHS tape of myself from 1992 was enough to remind me of what I needed to do. 

My brother and I were on the swim team as kids.  I remember my dad waking us up before sunrise every day during the summer (note: all of the other kids are sleeping in late at this time) to get changed to practice for swim practice.  Like, practice in the morning, then go to team practice in the evening.  My sleepy eyes would be stinging on the car ride to the pool.  The sky was still dark.  The first dive into the pool was cold.

This is when I learned dedication, diligence, and discipline.

I don't have to chase the person I'll be 10 years from now; I just have to look back almost 22 years at the invincible girl I used to be (wearing the extremely uncomfortable yellow bathing suit for the divisional championship swim meet to qualify for the city championship meet).

When we're kids, we are invincible.  As we age, we learn to grow content with our circumstances, and start to accept our lame excuses.

No more excuses.

More dedication, diligence, and discipline.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! When I was a kid, I was on a synchro swim team and this is a good reminder of the lessons I learned back then too!