Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Re-Introducing: The Foldover Clutch

I've been getting a lot of requests to bring back the Foldover Clutch.  I take names, you know.  Once I build up enough interest for a particular design, I start sketching!

I wanted to keep my lines simple, in keeping with my "back-to-basics" style I've been adhering to lately  (i.e. ToteWristlet).

I wanted to break down this design to an almost utilitarian piece with one exterior pocket for easy access to a cell phone.  I have been religiously using my Monogram Tote and Apprentice Messenger because the exterior zippered pocket on the back perfectly fits my car key and phone, so when the pocket is facing my body,  I always know when I get a notification or call (I'm like, glued to my phone. It could be good or bad.  Apparently customers love my super-fast response times to emails.  I'll say it's good.).

I definitely wanted to add an easily accessible pocket to the back of this clutch!

Here she is!  The re-designed Foldover Clutch.

This clutch has a super-skinny strap that's perfect for comfortably wearing crossbody without slipping.  The strap can be doubled over to wear like a short shoulder bag.  Or wear it strapless!

This is the only bag that has an adjustable strap that does not have that metal slider you've seen in all of my bags.  I wanted to keep this bag feather-light and super easy to convert from crossbody to shoulder bag.

I can wear this around my waist like a fanny pack.  Bonus points!

This new bag really brings attention to the quality of the materials I'm using.  I've really invested a lot of time and effort (and money) to source the best materials, and that has really inspired my design aesthetic (i.e. I've been keeping the design simple because I just absolutely love the look of the leathers, water resistant canvases, and super-smooth-slide-action YKK zippers!).

If you've been shopping with me for the past 6 years, you've probably seen and felt the difference in the material (and construction) quality over the years.  I'm really proud of myself! :) :)

I hope you love this bag!  I think it's the perfect accessory to add to your spring and summer wardrobe.


p.s. My husband, Shay took these photos, and I have to say, he has become a great photographer for my shop (despite taking quite a while to get the perfect shot)! :)  In the last photo, he decided to zoom out and have evidence of what I do while I'm modeling bags.  In my defense, I'm probably answering a customer question, so I'm clearly multitasking with work!


  1. Jenny, I love this new foldover clutch! I love the shape and the color blocking and the outside pocket. It is so super cute. Nice work! - Catherine

  2. Jenny, a beautiful new clutch! Your designs and materials are superb. Keep it up!